In a society that purports to value transparency, the role of leading organisation has come under greater scrutiny. The historical touchstones of authority – politicians, policing, health, religion, and banking - have all lost some degree of credibility due to unethical individual, team or organisational leadership transgressions. This course will therefore explore the critical role that leadership plays in creating, developing and sustaining a values based approach to delivering organisational outcomes.

Course content

  • Explore the complex topic of ethics and ethical leadership including decision making in the reality of daily business
  • Managing public perception against the potential or actual backdrop of diminishing trust
  • The authenticity of performance – helping those we lead make difficult decisions balancing, risk, cost and reputational harm
  • How do we more effectively connect with our values when taking a difficult decision?
  • What ethical models and research are available that can be practically utilised in policing and law enforcement environments?
  • How can leaders utilise the positive aspects of organisational culture to deliver authentic performance improvement?
  • How do we best address the ‘dark-side’ of culture?
  • How can my ethics and values help me become an even better leader within the policing and law enforcement environment?
  • What role does ethical leadership play in periods of significant and substantial change?
2 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these short courses but, please note the programmes will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

At the end of the course participants will have a greater understanding of how values and ethics can add to authentic performance improvement; add value to brand and reputation; and help staff feel connected and supported through both positive and challenging periods of change.