Delivering Sustained Performance Improvement: This course considers the theory of emotional intelligence by exploring its utility against a number of critical operational scenarios both within policing, law enforcement and other challenging leadership environments. Focussing on the self-awareness and self-confidence of leaders and how by utilising a better understanding of the emotional intelligence concept, sustained performance improvement of individuals and teams can be created. Emotional intelligence creates an environment where leaders know how to constructively challenge those whom they lead – in the right manner, at the right time and to the optimum positive outcome.

Course content

  • The emotional intelligence model – its content and focus
  • What is the role of an emotionally self-aware and self-confident leader?
  • How do we as leaders emotionally engage people towards delivering organisational purpose?
  • How do we balance the cognitive and emotional skills of a leader in order to create a followership that fully understands its roles and responsibilities?
  • How does diversity and difference positively add to the ‘bottom line’?
  • Practical utility – participants will explore the application of emotional intelligence principles against a demanding and challenging operational or organisational incident
1 day
Any venue suitable for the client

Course rationale

Emotional Intelligence provides an ethical framework that delivers performance improvement by helping people (re)connect with those aspects of the professional and personal lives that are important to them. Effective emotionally intelligent skills and abilities create outstanding leadership followership. The Emotional Intelligence model has stood the test of time and by carefully embedding it into the culture of an organisation, leaders will be able to more appropriately encourage those who are delivering performance towards sustained success; as well as challenging others who are stepping back from their organisational responsibilities.

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these short courses but, please note the programmes will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

At the end of the course participants will have a better understanding of the ‘self’ having explored in depth the self-aware and self-confidence aspects of leadership. They will also have a greater appreciation of how to emotionally engage those whom they lead in order to achieve personal, team and organisational success.