This unique 3 day course, which can be run for any level of delegate, examines the terrorist threat firmly in the railway operating context. Railway systems have always been attractive targets for criminals and insurgents who use terrorist methods. This course will be of interest to operators, security specialists and law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over railways, light railways and metro systems.

Course rationale

 Examples of attacks and threats will be used to illustrate how systems can continue to operate while doing everything possible to protect the travelling public. Delegates will consider the nature of the risk and the measures taken around the world to mitigate it. An outline of railway specific CBRN issues will be included. The operation of systems post attack and some of the challenges of responding to terrorist incidents on the railway will also be considered.

Course details

3 days
Any location suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these short, un-accredited, courses but they are intended for multi-agency professionals working in the fields of surface transport and related law enforcement. All the courses will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

These courses are tightly focused on specialist areas of interest to railway, light railway and metro operators, law enforcement agencies and other professional sectors with responsibility for these systems. However, they are flexible in nature and can be adapted to suit individual client requirements. Drawing from experience from around the world attendance on these courses will provide delegates with a unique opportunity for developing their professional knowledge whilst also offering a solid introduction to subject areas that are open to further, accredited, study.