The threat of terrorism, in particular at airports, crowded places and iconic locations remains at the forefront of international operational planning. Public safety, security, and the immediate operational response to emerging and spontaneous threats, is one of the most challenging areas to manage.

Course rationale

It is important for operator, and public confidence, that the training delivered to staff, who are charged with responding to, and managing that response, is of the highest standard, and must reflect international learning to give operators and managers a tactical advantage.

This short course, to provide a strategic overview of Terrorism Awareness and Tactical Response training, aims to deliver that international dimension. Calling on specialist learning that has been operationally deployed in response to threats, and used in similar international environments. The training will give delegates an overview of the training given to first responders, intended to provide them with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively to spontaneous and emerging threats.

Strategic Intent

The aim is to provide the airport managers with an overview of the training and techniques used by tactical and operational staff, an overview of the models used for managing a contained threat, which will provide continuity of understanding for all staff. The outcome being, that in the event of an incident there is a common tactical language, and a common understanding of how that threat will be managed and communicated.

Course details

1 day
Any venue suitable for the client

Key Benefits

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Compare the causes of terrorism and the impact on airport security
  • Identify the impact factors that can influence security efficiency
  • Apply the Decision Making Model to a security scenario in an public place or airport environment
  • Describe the complexities of identification, capability and intent, and how that can effect airport security deployments
  • Apply the DMM to the principal of strategic and tactical decision making