Since the introduction of Home Office circular 114/83 successive governments and the police service have been obsessed by the concept of ‘performance’. New Public Management ideology and a more business focused HMIC has resulted in a focus on delivering performance results. As the Home Office, under the direction of the Home Secretary, now insist that policing no longer has to focus on the ‘figures’ what does this mean for the business of policing.

Course rationale

The ever increasing drive by the Home Office to include business skills at all levels of leadership development will be explored. Is policing moving closer to a more private sector model of delivery? Should private sector organisations seek policing as a legitimate way to create efficiencies in order to deliver greater results to communities? Has the increased focus on business performance isolated front line officers from their managers and leaders?

Course content

  • What is performance management and why it has importance
  • Systems thinking and its utility for policing and law enforcement
  • Acquiring basic financial management skills and their value in daily practice
  • How to manage ‘new knowledge’ and deliver change against competing demands
  • Using the politics of policing and law enforcement to the advantage of the communities we serve
4 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these un-accredited short courses but, please note the programme will be taught in English.