Communications Data is an essential tool for law enforcement that has been utilised in intelligence and in evidence for many years. Many high profile, complex cases have had a breakthrough as a result of the acquisition and subsequent analysis and evidential package of communications data in a court of law. When presented effectively alongside other evidence, communications data is a powerful component of a prosecution case which is often seen as the glue which ties the accused to the events.

Course rationale

This course is aimed at providing candidates with an understanding of communications data and provide them with the skills to be able to identify, acquire and analyse Communications Data for use in intelligence or evidence.

The course is intended for delegates to apply an intelligent investigative mindset to the interrogation of Communications Data considering and educating on the key differences and opportunities afforded by traditional telephony, SMS & GPRS data against current and emerging data sets including VOIP, WiFi Calling, Packet Data as communication platforms continue to evolve.

Course details

5 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

This course is available at three levels of complexity:

  • An introduction to Communications Data 
  • An intermediate level, 
  • and an Advanced level which is for Law Enforcement only

We are advocates of delivering a quality of training that enables students to be able to leave the course and apply their new found skills and knowledge in practical, high pressure operational environments rather than just understand the theory. We therefore emphasis the need to work with the individuals/organisation prior to the course delivery to ensure that the content of the course is tailored to their exact requirements.

Please note this course will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

Fully tailored to meet the needs the organisation and relevant to the candidates role/function

After attending this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the appropriate legislative considerations when obtaining and analysing Communications Data
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the communications data application process
  • Apply an investigative mindset to the process of Communications Data Analysis
  • Apply appropriate techniques to standardise and present communications data
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of attribution of communications data and digital devices
  • Analyse communications data in order to produce structured inferences
  • Analyse Cell Site, Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency Survey data to produce structured inferences
  • Create recommendations for the effective use of communications data in the investigation
  • Prepare evidentially robust material for use as part of an evidential package
  • This course will also include, if required by the organisation, awareness on the market leading automated Communications Data analytical tools and if appropriate, training in their deployment and use.