The aim of this short course is to provide a minimum standard of training for all security staff. (Airport, or public building security staff and those who have contact with passengers and the general public) To develop staff ability to recognise, prevent and manage the potential for challenging behaviour, aggression and violence.

Course rationale

Awareness training in conflict resolution can be delivered to all security staff, to provide a safe and secure working environment, and ensure that the risk to passengers and public using the airport is minimised.

Course details

1 day
Any venue suitable for the client

Key Benefits

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the difference between passive and active cordon tactics
  • List the types of tactical cordons police and security can implement to control the public
  • Recognise the limitations of the different cordon tactics
  • Relate how the use of force impacts on each of the cordon tactics
  • Describe common causes of conflict
  • Give examples of how communication can break down
  • Explain two examples of communication models that can assist in conflict resolution
  • Give examples of the different warning and danger signs
  • Give examples of impact factors
  • Describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situations