Anacapa Sciences has long been recognised as the gold standard for analytical investigation. Focus Training (UK) Ltd is the sole European licence holder training this course and has been delivering it globally since 1997.

Course rationale

This 5 day course is targeted at investigators who need the ability to analyse complex information and draw investigative conclusions from that information. This course provides an internationally recognised qualification from ‘Anacapa Sciences’. During the course students will use the intelligence cycle and discover techniques of data collection and evaluation. They will learn how to develop association matrices and construct analytical charts. The course explores how inductive logic can be utilised to allow investigators to make inferences from their analysis.

Course details

5 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these un-accredited short courses but, please note they will all be taught in English.

Key Benefits

Students undertaking this short course will be provided with the knowledge and techniques to analyse large amounts of information using the unique and original ‘Anacapa Sciences’ fundamental concepts of investigation.