This five-day course charts the development of the information component of warfare and conflict.

Course rationale

The course examines a socio-technical spectrum that on the one hand has influence and propaganda, and on the other has cyber and electronic warfare. It explores how these elements also interact. It reviews the posture, policy and doctrinal positions of a number of key nations. It analyses the function of information, and its value as an asset. It takes the view that how we think about the information space shapes what we do. Consequently a number of models are examined that critique such notions as kinetic and non-kinetic activities, computer network operations and cyber defence, militarisation of cyberspace, global commons, communication, engagement and dialogue.

Course details

5 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

There are no specific requirements for these un-accredited short courses but, please note they will all be taught in English.

Key Benefits

This course is aimed at anyone interested in the role of information in conflict and operations. It provides ways of thinking about information, cyber operations and information operations that help participants shape, with an academic foundation, their own policy and planning work.